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"The Partisans"

Sorry, comic album "The Partisans" is (for now) available only in Slovenian language (!!!). But if you are interested in the English version please leave me your E-mail. When I get (and of course IF I get) enough "pre-orders" I will try to publish an English version of the album and let you know, where you can order it. Expected price is approx. 10-15$ (+ shipping) Of course leaving me your E-mail means no obligation from your part. This is purely for my information.

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Few sample pages from comics:

The Partisans was made for the political magazine Mladina in 1988. Those were the times preceeding disintegration of Yugoslavia which was, together with its political system, still very alive and kicking. At the same time, new ideas and criticism of the existing political and military system took rise and also a new attitude towards recent history (even the attitude towards the role of Partisans in World War II). Mladina was the loudest messenger of new ideas.

World War II held a special place in Slovenian (and Yugoslav) history. The role of Partisans was taboo even 40 years after the War. Partisans were the good guys, while Germans and their collaborators were the bad guys. We were taught so in school at history lessons, we were watching that kind of "heroic epic" films on TV, and so was written in our history books. And that was it!

That's why I tried to deal with that theme in a completely different manner in " Partisans". Partisans were still the good guys and Germans the bad ones, but their roles were caricatured to the extreme. I presented Partisans as excessively handsome and good looking, extremely smart, thoroughly honest, brave and noble- Real classic Super-Heroes! Germans, on the other hand, were repulsive, loathsome creatures, having only one thing in mind: how to rape, torture and kill poor Slovene people. Even their genitals, which they generously a comic-book off, were ugly and disgusting, while Partisans never exposed their private parts even when they were nude. Those places were always censored.

The Partisans issued in sequels in the Mladina magazine. The story of the fight between good and evil finished after 32 pages. The good guys won, of course!

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