About us
Well- actually for now, it's more "About me" than "About us" :-). My name is Dusan Kastelic and I'm a Graphic Designer and Illustrator from Slovenia. For the past year I've been working very hard to establish my Bugbrain Studio. (And this is not an easy job when you have absolutely NO talent for business.) But despite that, Bugbrain is slowly becoming a real studio for animation and I already have a couple of very talented Co-workers. For now, these pages are more like my personal portfolio, but stay tuned and watch us grow :-)

Igor Sinkovec is a very talented animator and I'm really proud that he is willing to participate. We already made a couple of projects together under the "brand name" Bugbrain (look at the Animations and Games section). A direct link to his pages is: http://www.bugbrain.com/igor/

If you want to contact the author, click the bug...