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"The happy familly"

Sorry, the comic album "The happy familly" is (for now) available only in Slovenian language (!!!). An English version has already been made and is waiting for the pusblisher. If you are interested in the English version please leave me your E-mail. When I get (and of course IF I get) enough "pre-orders" I will try to find a publisher or will publish it by myself. Expected price is approx. 10-15$ (+ shipping) Of course leaving me your E-mail means no obligation from your part. This is purely for my information.

48 full-color pages,
hard-covers in color,
30,2 x 21,5 cm

  Yes, I would like to purchase the English version of the "The Happy Family" (when it is available) and this is my E-mail:
Few sample pages from comic:

I have been drawing comics for Slovene computer magazine "PC& mediji" for five years. Once a month I publish one page of the comics, each page is a story of its own. I had consciously set myself several limits: each episode includes 8 pictures, showing ALWAYS the same scene (with a computer on the right), the heroes appearing are ugly, annoying and not a little bit pleasant. The comics present how a typical modern, disfunctional family of the 20th century react to a new family member - a computer...

"Merry episodes on computer topic titled The Happy Family, bring a big smile on the face of the most self-willed beloved home pet: the personal computer. A strange animal which Dušan Kastelic knows to its bones. While reading his comics you'll learn again to love the weird nature of your PC and laugh from your heart at its caprices."
Max Modic

"The content of the magazine is arranged very similarly as culinary feast- a dessert comes last. Only, in this case, we all began to enjoy the PC&mediji with the dessert; we started to read at the end, knowing there was Dušan Kastelic's comics waiting for us. And what could be better than this: it looks like a comic book, but in reality it's a luxurious banquet prepared only of desserts. Bon appetit!"
Miha Mazzini

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