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"JBTZ affair"

Sorry, the comic album "The JBTZ Affair" is (for now) available only in Slovenian language (!!!). But if you are interested in the English version please leave me your E-mail. When I get (and of course IF I get) enough "pre-orders" I will try to publish the English version of the album and let you know, where you can order it. Expected price is approx. 10-15$ (+ shipping) Of course- by leaving me your E-mail means no obligation from your part. This is purely for my information

56 b/w pages,
soft-covers in color,
27,3 x 19,5 cm

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Few sample pages from the comics:

True story behind the comics:
“JBTZ affair” is a comics dealing with still unexplained background of the affair, which lead to the cessation of Slovenia from Yugoslavia and later on to the disintegration of Yugoslavia.
In spring 1988 Ivan Borštner, an officer of the Yugoslav army, steals a highly classified document containing measures to take against “antirevolutionary movements in Slovenia”. He delivers the document to the editor of the Mladina, a political magazine, which has been a thorn in the flesh of Yugo- generals because of “its verbal attacks against Yugoslav Army and Political System”. The Army finds that out with the help of State Security Service (also called UDBA, which was something like KGB in Russia) and takes Borštner and also three civilians (reporters of Mladina) into military prison. All were taken to court martial and sentenced.

The sentence caused mass demonstrations in support of the four people (JBTZ are initials of their surnames), which in turn led to cessation of Slovenia. This incident triggered a chain reaction of even far more fatal events - from disintegration of Yugoslavia, crash of Berlin wall, downfall of Communism to War in the Balkans…

About the comics:
It’s a political thriller, dealing with true events in a humorous and disrespectful manner, and with real protagonists of JBTZ affair. The main “hero” is Miran Frumen, a secret agent, who is assigned a seemingly routine task- to control the Mladina´s reporters whose articles drive crazy the Yugoslav political and military authorities of that time.
But Miran Frumen gets suspicious pretty soon- this is not only about articles of mischievous youngsters - something far bigger is hidden behind... but even he doesn’t realized how big it is! He gets involved into a network of an international organization, aiming to destroy Communism. Slovenia as a small country was ideal to be a “guinea pig” for a more important goal- destruction of Communism in the entire world!
True events and persons inspired the exciting story of the comic. Since the entire background of JBTZ affair is still a mystery, the comics was an ideal form for revealing certain information, which the Mladina restrained from publishing either from lack of evidence or because the information was simply too incredible.

The Mladina published the comics in 1991 in sequels (one page per week). Even though the comics deals with the events of the time in a light manner, the investigation of the background of the affair took a lot of effort. Reporters of the Mladina provided me with information and documents (some of them have still not been revealed yet) and I added the atmosphere of cheap spy novels and a humorous note.

I published the comics in an album in 1996, with an appendix describing what happened with main heroes after JBTZ affair and cessation of Slovenia. Many predictions in the comics have come true. Some of them fearfully true...

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