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"The Stupidians"

Sorry, the comic album "The Stupidians" is (for now) available only in Slovenian language (!!!). But if you are interested in the English version please leave me your E-mail. When I get (and of course IF I get) enough "pre-orders" I will try to publish the English version of the album and let you know where you can order it. Expected price is approx. 10-15$ (+ shipping) Of course leaving me your E-mail means no obligation from your part. This is purely for my information.

48 full-color pages,
hard-covers in color,
30,2 x 21,5 cm

  Yes, I would like to purchase the English version of the "The Stupidians" (when it is will be available) and this is my E-mail:
Few sample pages from the comic:

This comic was made for “the PIL” a Slovene magazine for youngsters. The inspiration came from a collection of short stories “Butalci” (I can’t find a proper translation for this word. The best I can think of is “The Stupidians”), written by Fran Milcinski.

This is a story about a group of brave Stupidians who set off on a journey to find Holly Chicken. As the comics met a favorable reception among youngsters, I published it in the album in 1995 by the Emma publishing house. Best-Seller!

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