Ready for Torture?!?

5.3.2002 Site is finally up and ready! Well- kind of… It's been almost three years since I rented domain and it has been empty since. It would probably still be empty, if it were not for a great interest for my Perk animation. I had to improvise something almost over night. So far, this is only my personal portfolio, but Bugbrain is slowly growing to a real studio for animation and I already have few very talented co-workers. So the next version of the site will be much better, more vivid and you will also find works from other guys with a bug in their brains. Please take a look and tell me what you think…

Oh, yes… I have received a lot of questions like "So, what the hell is bugbrain?":-)
Well, in my early school days I had my personal molester (as every skinny guy with glasses, I presume). One day he stepped to me, poked with his finger to my head and asked:
"Do you know what it's inside you head?".
"No…?" I answered meekly.
"A big blue brain bug!"
"And do you know what he's doing?"
"He's starving!" he tittered, poked me again and went away.
And since then, I just cannot get this bug out of my head...

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